Holzpellets sind wie rohe Eier – außen hart und innen ganz weich. Falscher Transport oder zu harter Umgang – und es gibt Bruch. Dagegen haben wir was: Antistaub

wood pellets: put all your eggs in one basket

and you’ll end up with egg on your face.

Leave pellets to the egg-sperts

Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs: you have to understand pellets the way we do

10 times less sawdust and particles

than conventional ENplus wood pellets

  • ENplus-A1 Pellets 1%
  • Antidust Wood Pellets 0,1%

Permissible percentage in wood pellets at time of loading onto delivery vehicle

Our brand name says it all. Antistaub ‘antidust’ wood pellets are the result of a stringent sorting process and unceasing quality control: ten times less sawdust, particles and fine contaminants than in conventional pellets.

Dust creates soot and ash and leads to breakdowns. Use Antistaub wood pellets for clean burning and greater efficiency. For simply more heat from every kilo of pellets and reliable operation of your system.


Wood pellets with guaranteed fuel functionality – unique in the industry

That’s how pellets should be.

Sorted or thwarted?

These two haven’t found out about Antistaub wood pellets yet. The relaxed way to heat with wood pellets. And delivered punctually – we won’t leave you in the lurch. Loading up the smart way also saves on pellets – and headaches.

Making the right decision is a good feeling.Antidust wood pellets give you that feeling.

Made with commitment and passion.

Bei Antistaub Holzpellets sprechen Sie nicht mit einem Callcenter! Sondern mit Menschen vom Fach, wie hier im Bild mit Thomas Maiershofer. Er war selber jahrelang Antistaub-Lieferfahrer und weiss worauf es bei Ihner Pelletlieferung ankommt
kurzfristige Lieferung Pellets bei Wagner Stärkere Stoffe Antistaub-Holzpellets
tögliche Pellets Lieferung Großraum München, Nürnberg, Augsburg, flächendeckende Versorgung in Süddeutschland
Qualitätssicherung Pellets
Voller Einsatz für Pelletskunden, das Antistaub-Holzpellets Kundencenter
Höchste Konzentration, Tourenplanung bei Antistaub für Pellet Lieferungen
Voller Einsatz für Menschen die mit Holzpellets heizen

Black pearl

Antistaub 'antidust' quality pellets in a 15kg bag

It's all about how you get there.

Wood pellets are like raw eggs – hard on the outside, very soft on the inside. Transport them badly or treat them roughly, and they’ll break. But we can fix that:

Simply more heat from every kilo of pellets.

The Antistaub ‘antidust’ wood pellet story

From this

To this

The path has not been an easy one


1996 was when we began working with wood pellets. The path was hard and stony, and a good proportion of the stuff coming out of the pressing plant was not up to scratch to generate heat in your system. Dust inhibits combustion, causes soot and ash and leads to breakdowns. Wagner started the debate about dust and quality when wood pellets were still a new fuel.

In 2006, Wagner took the bull by the horns: no more pellets direct from the plant. Dust and fine particle contaminants to be kept out of the delivery chain completely. Our own regional warehouse for effective quality control, product improvements and supply reliability.

Whether back in the day, when people were still stoking coal fires, or later with oil, or nowadays with renewable energy sources, the Wagners of Wertingen have always led the way in providing reliable fuels for heating systems. Good honest deals since 1889.

Their constant efforts to improve wood pellets have seen Stefan, the younger Wagner, and Georg, the elder, working resolutely together for 19 years.

They ultimately succeeded in turning ordinary pellets into Antistaub wood pellets – making all the problems caused by dust and contaminants history.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ – the ueber wood pellets

engineered in Germany

The most effective dust and contaminant removal

A globally unique process in our new Antistaub ‘antidust‘ terminal

Why do we go through all that trouble?

Because we would never sell you stuff like this – period!


This is precisely what we mean by Antistaub ‘antidust’ wood pellets: in an average customer order of 5.1 tonnes of pellets, there would otherwise be 113 litres or 46.5 kg of dust and fine particles. That’s how much we take out for you. And why? Because stuff like that doesn’t burn and only causes trouble when you try to run your pellet heating system.

Here’s what our pellet customers have to say

This morning at 9 am. Wagner’s truck was already here and brought the pellets. It really doesn’t get any faster! I have already called Mr. Maiershofer and praised the Wagner company for the quick delivery, because a delivery of a few tons of pellets within just 16 hours of placing the order is extraordinary.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets


Hans O.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

Thank you very much Mr. Maiershofer for your great effort!! I’ve already read about it in your reviews… – so it’s really true 🙂

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Gerhard L.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

After what is now 16 years’ experience with this kind of heating, I have to say straight out that the Wagner family’s Antistaub wood pellets (we have been filling up from them since 2012) have reduced usage by approx. 0.3-0.5 tons. The system simply works more efficiently, with no need for readjustment. Another great thing is that, after 4 years of using Wagner, the pellet store is pretty much dust-free. I can absolutely recommend buying here!

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets


Thomas R.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

Very friendly and competent employees. Both when ordering and when delivering, which takes place punctually at the agreed time. I can recommend the Wagner company with a clear conscience!

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Marie-Luise K.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

Typical Wagner!
The eleventh delivery in 10 years, and the same old tricks:
enquiries answered immediately, the price was right, the delivery was earlier than expected, the driver was very friendly and went out of his way to be careful and meticulous in his work,  everything went without a hitch, the heating system has never had a problem in 10 years. Excellent all round.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Angelika & George G.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customers

Very competent, punctual and friendly delivery. The pellets are first class. According to my heating engineer, he has never seen a clean boiler during customer service and the associated cleaning of the pellet stove. Saves a lot of work when cleaning and I haven’t had any problems with the heater so far. That’s why I wouldn’t use any other product.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Chris G.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the entire team for supplying the stronger, dust-free pellets over the years. I also do this here on behalf of all of your customers! To thank them, I give them an advertising slogan: “WAGNER, stronger pellets delivered cleanly, competently, stress-free, friendly and inexpensively! With that in mind, all the best until next time!

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Martin Z.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

On January 12, 2024, the colleague arrived punctually as agreed at 7:00 am. Despite snow and black ice. He was friendly, worked quickly and routinely and answered all questions directly and competently. He was an absolute professional and there was no dust in the basement. I was 100% satisfied with the entire process.

Hans S.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

The Wagner family are the only pellets suppliers that really understand how to blow pellets. Previously, I have always had to spray down the door to my pellet store to stop the dust escaping. I was shocked when the driver took away my spray and even opened the door – he had created slight negative pressure in the pellet store, so no dust could get out. That is top quality and means that the Wagners are the only pellet suppliers for me.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Werner & Birgit M.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customers

On behalf of our company O. Ltd, I would also like to thank you, your office staff and your delivery drivers for working with us so well. It’s not just good to work with you, it’s the best. Many thanks to EVERYONE!3

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Firma O.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

I would like to thank you very much for today’s pellet delivery. Despite tire damage, Wagner delivered on time to my complete satisfaction. I was informed about the delay every half hour. The driver took care of everything, hung the conveyor mole on the wall in the tank farm and locked the tank system. After filling the tank, the system was put back into operation. This is excellent customer service that only happens very rarely! I can only congratulate you on this excellent company.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Max M.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

I am delighted to be doing business with a down-to-earth family firm. I particularly like your slogan “good honest deals since 1889”.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Johannes S.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for a problem-free pellet delivery: friendly staff on the phone, good information, a punctual delivery time, a very amiable delivery driver, no unpleasant smell from the pellet store in the days after the delivery. We have had some bad experiences in this respect over the last few years, and this was a pleasant surprise.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Family Peter F.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customers

Both the chimney sweep’s inspection test, which is based on Germany’s Emission Control Act, and the check I carried out today can confirm that your Antistaub ‘anti-dust’ claim is entirely accurate and justified.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Manfred B.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

I wanted to report a negative experience involving another supplier. He had a financially better offer and we decided to give it a try. The result: a much dustier affair. Wagner’s ANTIDUST concept really seems to be the big plus.

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Sigi S.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

Super friendly pellet supplier with top quality and affordable prices! Competent employees who know what they are talking about and can actually advise!! Thank you and happy to come again next time!

Kundenbewertung 5 von 5 Sternen für Antistaub-Holzpellets

Karla L.

Antistaub ‘antidust’ customer

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